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Creative Paperclay® 20 Count (shipping included)

Creative Paperclay® 20 Count (shipping included)

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"Creative Paperclay" is an air-dry modeling clay that is ready to use out of the package, lightweight, and clean. It accepts and retains details and can adhere to various surfaces (e.g., wood, canvas, etc.). It can be molded and shaped while moist and air hardens, eliminating the need for kiln firing. Once dry, it can be painted with tempera, watercolor, acrylic, enamel, or markers. This non-toxic, gluten-free clay contains all-natural ingredients making it suitable for all skill levels. Use “Creative Paperclay” for creating jewelry, dolls, ornaments, sculptures, and more. 

Product Features

  • Ready to use, no mixing or conditioning
  • Easy to mold with your hands and smooth with water
  • Air dries in 24-72 hours, no need for firing or baking
  • Dries lightweight and durable
  • Suitable for small or large projects
  • Retains fine details
  • Adheres to various materials
  • Readily accepts all paints
  • Cut, carve, or sand dry clay
  • Certified non-toxic
  • Acid-free to prevent yellowing


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